The funnest, most intuitive method for mastering rhythm teaches rhythm using exciting musical duets that are written specifically for your instrument.

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Features at a Glance

Fun duets made for recitals

No boring exercises or drills required. duets are real music that are fun to play and ready for performance.

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Learn on your instrument

Banish clapping exercises forever. Rhythm is learned better when you can feel it on your instrument and under your fingers.

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Use at home or in lessons can help you master rhythm whether you’re a self-taught musician or studying with a teacher.
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In-app practice tools

Play along, change the tempo, make parts louder or softer, add a metronome and more. A full set of practice tools is included.
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Print out sheet music

Having trouble reading music on your iOS device? lets you print out traditional sheet music for personal use.
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Free online lessons

If you need assistance, the website includes tips and lessons to help you master the materials.

What students are telling their music teachers

“I went to sleep humming that song. It won’t stop!”

“That doesn’t sound like normal violin music. It’s like…kind of rock and roll.”

“Those are fun! Please don’t make me go back to the boring book!”

“Is it supposed to sound like that? That’s so cool.”

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